Put on your

Captain’s Hat

(or get one there!)

This is Frozen Ocean

Welcome to Frozen Ocean, Calgary’s Winter Event! Every year, when winter seems at it’s coldest, and the sky is at it’s darkest, the prairie freezes forming a “Frozen Ocean”. Since Calgary is far from any ocean or serious body of water, we’re celebrating in our own sort of way, bringing the winter sea to the city so to speak.

What does this mean? It means donning an excellent captain’s hat, sharing group cocktails, consuming beverages out of a custom built ice luge, and tasting some incredible winter-inspired treats prepared by one of Calgary’s award winning chefs. If you’ve got the winter blues, are sick and tired of not seeing the sun, then it’s time to escape to somewhere oceanside.

Frzn Style

Attending the Frozen Ocean calls for a certain style. Men are asked to dress semi-formally; blazers, collars and nice shoes. Women are requested to wear cocktail wear, choosing colors related to the ocean — blue, turquoise, green and sapphire. If you or your group have any nautical wear, that is also welcome at the event.

Whoever purchases the tickets will be given a Captain’s Hat which must be worn in order to purchase cocktails and drinks, and will be responsible for checking the group in and ensuring everyone is dressed in proper attire. Frozen Ocean is a formal, sea themed event, guests should dress accordingly.

Frzn Cocktails

The drinks served at Frozen Ocean are done in singles or by group size. That means that attendees can either use their tickets to purchase a drink for themselves, or pool tickets to purchase a drink for a group. Grouped tickets receive drinks in larger containers, capable of serving larger groups. We recommend Frozen Ocean attendees group their tickets to get the most unique serving vessels and most value.

As Frozen Ocean is sea themed, the main cocktails are rum and tequila based. We are proud to have the event sponsored by Flor de Caña Rum. If guests would prefer to drink from the cocktail menu provided, there is access to a complete bar with a variety of beverages available.

Frzn Displays

We have the pleasure of providing a custom-built drink luge for attendees this year. The ice sculpture will be featured on the patio of the event venue and guests will be able to use the luge as part of the Frozen Ocean experience. The luge will be crafted over the course of the day, with the final touches being completed at night. We’re excited to have our guest ice carver create the piece specifically for Frozen Ocean, guaranteeing attendees a one-of-a-kind experience this year.

Guests will also be treated to a variety of snacks, bites and mini-eats over the course of the evening along with a variety of other surprises and revealings taking place over the course of the night.