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Group Cocktail

Additional Drink Tickets: $8

Captain’s Mug

A drink for the seafarer running the ship solo. 1oz Jamaican Rum, .05oz Jamaican Rum, .50z Flor de Caña Rum (4yr), Fresh Lime, Cinnamon, Falernum, Grapefruit, Absinthe, Angostura Bitters.

1 Ticket

Mai Tai

A classic cocktail for the classic oceanside lady or gentleman .75oz Flor de Caña Rum (4yr), .25oz Dark Rum, .25oz Orange Curaçao, Orgeat Syrup, Lime Juice.

1 Ticket

Davey Jones

Sailing a duo mission to the bottom of the ocean? This drink is for you. 1oz Jamaican Rum, 1oz Flor de Caña rum (4yr), Fresh Lime, Pomegranate, Grapefruit, Cinnamon.

2 Tickets

The Seashell

Gather yourself and three friends around the conch shell to partake in the magnificent tequila based creation. 2oz Tequila, 2oz Moscato, 2oz Galliano, Mango, Lime.

4 Tickets

Treasure Chest

Leading a crew of four? Ope up this incredible treasure chest of suprises! 2oz Flor de Caña rum (12yr), 2oz Flor de Caña rum (4yr), 2oz Tequila, 2oz Orange Curasao, pineapple, orange citron, strawberry simple syrup, fresh lemon juice.

6 Tickets

Pieces of Eight

Bring the entire team of each and indulge in the largest, most complex cocktail of them all, served in a massive treasure chest. 5oz Flor de Caña rum (12yr), 5oz Flor de Caña rum (4yr),5oz Galliano, strawberry, pineapple, blood orange. Served with an entire bottle of Cava for taste.

10 Tickets